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This unique app offers a dazzling 4 hours of explosive Video with David Icke. David is one of the world’s leading polemicists. An insightful, charismatic and highly intelligent man who has devoted his life to the exposure of what he seeks to unveil as the ‘truth’ behind the modern world. Leaving no stone unturned David has faced down the goliath that is global agenda and control by the new world order.

David prepares everyone for the amazing information he reveals over the course of the app, confirming common feelings of anxiety and unease most people are experiencing as the world shifts. He explains how the different sections of the app will ‘join the dots’ for people to acquire the bigger picture of how the few control the many, and how society and the world at large is systematically controlled - exposing the tools of mass manipulation, the money scam and political smokescreens around the world.

The David Icke app is now available on iTunes
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